Welcome to the Transformative Power®, where you can learn how to contribute the core essence of you and your company to the world.

Transformative Power® is a program in which I help clients bring their inner GIFT to life in the outer world—connecting their GIFT with others, so that it can have a deeper impact in the world.

Transformative Power® Pillars

There are 5 Transformative Power Pillars: “WHY” VISION The Foundation The Heartbeat of the organization. The strategic foundation of a corporation is key to its success and sustainability.  A clear “why” brings clarity to the leadership and service of the…

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Transformative Power® Programs

I believe each person and organization has its own unique gift. I visit with the organization in order to understand its own uniqueness, as well as to review the aspects in and out of alignment, in order to create a…

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Transformative Power® Meaningful Organization

A meaningful organization is one that has been created with the purpose of making a difference in the world. Its services provide a better quality of life for those they serve. Whether the organization is a non-profit, for profit or…

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Transformative Power Pyramid

The form your GIFT takes may vary in nature: It could be a book, a coaching program, a visionary business, a non-profit, or anything else.

Each of these paths share something in common: It all starts with you making the decision to commit to your GIFT, to put it into action and to share it with the world.

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