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Surrendering to love a conscious choice

This year I have been learning to surrender to love. There are times where I have no control over a certain outcome and at those times, I am asked, are you willing? Are you willing to surrender to love? I used to think surrendering was sort of a hopeless state of doing nothing, yet I […]

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Don’t box your GIFT—instead, wrap it in a bow of unlimited possibility

By Virginia Nava Hieger We are taught to put things in boxes and to choose labels. We are constantly labeling ourselves, the world around us, and putting things into the various boxes of life. Living with boxes and labels feels somehow comforting; it feels like this is the way to understand something, to comprehend it […]

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The Gift of “Failure”

We live in a society that is apprehensive about failing. We have many mechanisms to achieve success, from how we dress to how we select our career steps. Yet the value of failure as a learning opportunity, as an opportunity to learn and move forward, isn't recognized. We miss important feedback as we are in […]

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