When I decided to become an entrepreneur, I didn’t know I was stepping into a personal transformation process and that my company was going to be transforming me. I created my company for two reasons: 1) To contribute my gifts to the world, and 2) As a place where people could come together for the betterment of the world.

Underneath it all, I underwent a process of total transformation. I realized that my company was in fact me, and that it would bring to my attention what needed me most. In the beginning, I tried to create a micro version of my previous career and it felt safe and right; however, I was yearning for a deeper meaning and more authentic sharing. I became an author and that was a new experience for me, not only sharing my knowledge and expertise, but also sharing and valuing my wisdom. Now I was choosing to connect with my presence, get closer and more deeply connected with my own gifts. And then it was all about communicating them and making them available for others–realizing it was my mission to help others in bringing their gift to life as authentically as possible, while they’re bringing it to the world.

Strategic models, pivotal questions and mind maps come naturally to me. As I navigated my business experience, I went through many stages and questions: How do I create a business in which my authentic true essence can be shared? How can I share a message that is from the deepest parts within? How can I stop looking at all the how’s and focus on what is really going to generate the impact and contribution? How should I focus my time? How can I create a business that addresses my strengths, while collaborating with others who support me in other areas? How do I create a marketing and messaging model that isn’t focused on the fears of others, but instead goes a step further into their aspirations and the life they want to live? How do I elevate the vibration of the world through the gift of words?

During my career and the last six years in particular, I have created my own business models to answer these questions for myself and other business owners like me. I can help you, too. Let’s talk about where you are now, and where you’d like to be.

Virginia Nava Hieger