Natural and total freedom only exists with balance

Have you ever taken the time to think that we all were born to be free?

Freedom can be defined in multiple ways that we can summarized in three words: be your self.

As we have realized, freedom is not easy to achieve, as well as to be happy.

We required a lot of: trust, security, dignity, respect and courage.

To destroy the barriers that we sometimes create and do not give us the opportunity to be and live fully.

When we limit ourselves and condition our lives we become slaves and we:

Fall into the determination of our own life, like marionettes without own movement that only can act and move if someone controls them; that can not help and only expect to be helped, giving but expecting to receive.

Without realizing that we are not a marionettes created and invented to be dependent but people with faculties that make us extraordinary.

That is why,

How sad is the person that becomes slave of their own occupations and forgets that it was created to enjoy of this beautiful world and soon becomes blind to the miracles of nature that take place between their eyes every day.

So let’s learn from personalities like:


He search for the equality of heart and transmitted that to be free is to unite yourself, realize and comfort what is in between in your body and soul.


That demonstrated the importance of fighting for equality and the right of living being yourself without the race and color.

What are we waiting for?

Let’s learn to live and be ourselves, to become autonomous, lets open our eyes take away the blinders that do not let us see reality and the complexity of ourselves and the world we integrate.

Free ourselves of our masks, let’s let our face to shine in the world and vibrate with a beautiful smile that reflects happiness and conscience of the human value.

Having deep knowledge that the world is only one and that your life is only one, but you are not the only one but you are unique.

On you depends to live with your arms open, with a deep outlook (eye sight), with a “attuned/cultivated” hearing waiting and listening, with a mouth willing to make its vocal cords vibrate with loyal words.

We all come free but few are really free.

This requires the unity of your spirit and your personality (own person)

Realize that you have freedom because you have the capacity to choose, decide and value!

You can challenge yourself and give yourself an opportunity to know who you really are by taking away all your doubts and insecurities that torment you as most human beings.

Who has never been tied to the reins of society?

Without thinking that beyond this exist a human being that is able to control itself and decide for itself and this being is all of us and each of us.

It is true that change brings the risk of failure but this is the main reason for the fear of freedom.

But…have you ever thought that to think in failure pertains yourself from the opportunity of wining.

Do you believe you can not succeed?

Just make that your actions are a product of yourself not of others, free yourself, create your own goals, become a fighter and developer of yourself.

Being free, to find this harmony in your life will make you win and live you the opportunity to create your heart desire, to prepare yourself and help others.

Realize that you do not need to be rich or poor to be free, with yourself is enough.

Do not deny yourself or become insecure or incapable.

Accept the challenge to fight for your own life to become an authentic human being.

ACCEPT! ACCEPT the challenge to be free.

To leave behind the comfort and hypocrisy, recover your own value/worth and will. Face reality! Transform yourself!

Help the fallen to rise again, teach them and learn from them!