Module 1 Meaningful Freedom: Finding Freedom Through Wholeness
Unit 1 Lesson One: Meaningful Freedom
Unit 2 Lesson Two: Uniqueness is a Choice
Unit 3 Lesson Three: The Power Within
Unit 4 Lesson Four: Finding the Courage to Be Yourself
Unit 5 Lesson Five: Wholeness is Self Love
Unit 6 Lesson Six: Guiding Lights
Unit 7 Lesson Seven: Finding Your Own Voice
Unit 8 Lesson Eight: The Wholeness Revolution
Unit 9 Lesson Nine: Unique Magic
Unit 10 Lesson Ten: Letting Go of Guilt
Unit 11 Lesson Eleven: Letting Your Uniqueness Shine
Unit 12 Lesson Twelve: Fresh Perspectives
Unit 13 Lesson Thirteen: Being Present Now
Unit 14 Conclusion: A Magical Journey
Module 1 Your Unique Gift: Finding Your Life’s Unique Gift Proposition
Unit 1 Lesson One: The Gift of Life
Unit 2 Lesson Two: Gift Sensors
Unit 3 Lesson Three: Your Gift is a Fresh Perspective
Unit 4 Lesson Four: Greatness is Living Your Gift
Unit 5 Lesson Five: Different Gift Forms
Unit 6 Lesson Six: Acknowledging the Gifts in Others
Unit 7 Lesson Seven: Gift Synergy
Unit 8 Lesson Eight: A Gift Opportunity
Unit 9 Lesson Nine: Gift Resources
Unit 10 Lesson Ten: Sharing Your Gift
Unit 11 Lesson Eleven: Re-gifting
Unit 12 Lesson Twelve: Taking Action with Your Proposition
Unit 13 Conclusion: Your Life Purpose