Elements of a Meaningful Business / Gift Business


A GIFT entrepreneur, visionary or organization needs the following foundational elements to thrive:

-A clear “why,” which connects with their true nature and essence.

-An understanding of the natural flow of the organization, from its inner resources, capabilities to its “why.”

-A bridge that connects the organization’s true essence with its teams, members and those they serve. When a connection of the value of their inner gift isn’t communicated effectively, the organization can’t provide its intended impact.

-A natural growth structure, or healthy growth based on inner essence, inner nature and inner resources. When the organization grows without clarity, it can lose its alignment, causing internal issues such as inconsistent growth, inauthenticity, poor customer loyalty, and confusion.

-Inner sustainability that isn’t coming from external foundations, but rather from inner strength and the wisdom within, while collaborating with outer teams to balance inner imbalances.

-Clear communication, so that others can clearly articulate the company’s “why” and its impact.

-Collaboration and contribution.