Transformative Power Services

Transformative Power Entrepreneur

A Transformative Power Entrepreneur has created its business with a higher purpose. Its mindset is one of being a transformative agent in its community and organization. Meaning and heart are the seeds that build the business. Its leaders are visionaries, authors, artists, teachers, and spiritual leaders who have found their inner power and are creating services and products to make a world a better place. Their offerings align with love, peace and joy. They are ready to have their authentic voice spread to serve more.

Consulting Areas:

Foundation for Growth:

  • Create a business structure to sustain growth in alignment with vision.
  • Understand and clarify the "why," vision and how to communicate vision with stakeholders.
  • Understand the value proposition of the company and how it interacts with various decision makers, referrals and influencers.


  • Create visibility through the power of their authentic voice and communication.
  • Understand the communication vehicles available and how to structure consistency in communication.


  • Understand how to build customer relationships in-between communication activities.

Action Plans:

  • Have a clear strategic plan to follow.


The service offerings are as follows:

One-on-One Consulting:

2 VIP Day

In this type of consulting relationship, there is focus on one specific aspect of the business and an implementation plan.

3 VIP Day

  • Client Evaluation and Strategic Focus:
    • We make a list of the areas of need from client: Growth, customer relationship, communications, positioning, message, etc.
    • We make a list of the most important and the most foundational.
    • We focus on each area and implement the plan.
  • Transformative Power Methodology Focused:
    • In this type of consulting relationship, there is a focus on three aspects of your business: Day 1: VISION & WHY core foundation; Day 2: VOICE core essence and communication; and Day 3: VISIBILITY evaluation of current action plan and communication strategy.


Transformative Power Meaningful Organization

A meaningful organization is one that has been created with the purpose of making a difference in the world. Its services provide a better quality of life for those they serve. Whether the organization is a non-profit, for profit or social enterprise, it is an organization that has clear value statements, and aligns its actions to a clear higher purpose.

These organizations often have a desire to create campaigns and apply their communication strategy to create higher meaning, sharing that meaning and value with others in their audience.

Unlike traditional marketing agencies, we have created a specific model for extracting the essence of the meaning into communications so it can be understood both internally and externally in the organizations. The "why," values, and value proposition intertwine into the communications strategy.

Our Transformative Communications programs:

Strategic Development

  • One-on-One with teams for a specific strategic consulting need
    • 2 VIP, 3 VIP Days

Transformative Model

  • Implementing our Transformative Model to the current business strategy in a collaborative venture, we will meet for a strategic development session with the team and create the "why" matrix of the organization. Together, we'll build a bridge of communication, evaluate current growth avenues and create powerful new communication strategies. The company will receive a strategic report and action plan for the members of the team to implement.
    • The amount of time of implementation will depend of the size and magnitude of the project.
  • Unique Gift Proposition Model
    • This model is to understand the gift of the organization and nurture it from the value development through to implementation of the communications plan.

Internal Campaigns with Meaning

  • In this area, we focus on an internal campaign with meaning to help employees and organizations understand the values and "why" of the organization in ways in they can apply to their everyday life.
  • We help with leadership development programs, in which we can train and support employees in their own specific meaning so they can grow in their self-development and self-knowledge.

Campaigns with Meaning

  • We create marketing campaigns that are focused on sharing connecting the why of the organization with the client, making it available through stories and images that visually show why the organization exists and how its service offerings serve others.

Foundational Strategy for a Meaningful Brand

  • Core message and core essence of the message, the elements and foundational structure to build a more meaningful brand.

Transformative Power Inner Leadership Development

These programs are for leaders who are interested in modeling leadership from the inside-out, not the outside-in. It's all about cultivating the natural essence and capabilities of the leader from a higher power, with the realization that contribution and service are the key to real transformation. Through my books such as Your Unique Gift and Meaningful Freedom, I teach people how to come back to their authentic self and lead from within.