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Why Transformative Power™?

Transformative Power™ was created in 2013 as an organization focused on Business Owners, Visionaries and Creatives creating the new generation of businesses focused on wholeness, authenticity and contribution.

Transformative Power™ clients have in common the following traits:
• Value-based businesses
• Contribution vs. achievement- and profit-only
• Created their company as a way to improve the society and bring positive solutions to the world
• Not interested in “fear-based” marketing or business strategies
• A relational focus with clients vs. transactional focus
• Commitment and reliability

Type of Organizations that Transformative Power™ works with:
• Medium to large non-profit organizations
• Entrepreneurs that created their own organizations to serve with their GIFTs in the world
• Innovators and visionaries
• Social entrepreneurs

Transformative Power™ activates:
• The Transformative Power™ of a Gift
• Authentic Contribution
• Power that comes from inside-out and for service and better communities
• Wholeness