There are 5 Transformative Power Pillars:


The Foundation

The Heartbeat of the organization.

The strategic foundation of a corporation is key to its success and sustainability.  A clear "why" brings clarity to the leadership and service of the business. A non-clear "why" results in the constant creation of business development ideas based on reactive versus proactive approaches.

The "why" of the organization, whether it's an entrepreneur or an organization that is much larger, is the most important founding principle of growth. An inner why is required to achieve through alignment and growth. Most of the strategic problems that organizations face are why issues; however, most of them think they are sales, personal development or marketing issues. In fact, for most of the clients I work with, the core issue is an unclear why, or a why which has not been communicated effectively.

I am a strategist, and I naturally resolve business problems through strategy. The why seems like a really easy question to ask and resolve. What I found is most organizations aren’t asking the why; instead, they confuse the why with the result someone desires to have from doing business with them. The why is deeper as the driver and is bigger than the result itself.

I have created the following methodology to drive organizations to understand the why. It's called The Why Matrix®, a methodology that through strategic questions makes an analysis of inquiries to understand the deeper why. After this foundation is created, the values come into play, and then a formula is created to become a reminder of the structural components of the why to the organization.

Once the Why Matrix® is completed, a why commitment letter and process is created so that the why can be put into action in the organization.

When I tried to start the strategic analysis of my company, I started with a vision and the vision processes failed to integrate the everyday components of meaning and contribution I was seeking to create as an organization. A living why gives clarity and direction and clear processes for alignment, and it is deeper than the vision. The vision comes after the why as the way to envision the why within. 


The voice of an organization is its natural self-expression; it is beyond the words that are outwardly expressed to share with the world what the organization is about. The voice is painting through words the why of the organization, as well as the contribution in which the organization participates and interacts with the customer.

A company’s voice isn’t fully expressed until it represents authentically its inner values and core principles. If a company is a love-based organization, the company’s communication and policies need to be in alignment according to this value. 

Voice has two elements: A clear inner voice expressed through media and communications, and then its outer voice, the way the voice of the organization is interacting with the customer and received.

Most organizations are utilizing Industrial Era communication-based strategies and non- meaning-based strategies. This strategy is focused on the representation of a box or a machine operates, and doesn’t integrate the aspects of seeing and hearing and listening. As a result, they are inactive brands with inactive voices, there is no engagement or relationship to build.

In this stage, I created The WAVE®, a business model that focuses on the inner energy of the company first. It comes from the vision and natural resources already available within the company, to be flowed directly into the clients that the company serves.


Visibility of an Organization or Entrepreneur comes to where the Organization’s products, ideas and services come into relationship through visibility mediums that could be through online platforms and presence, through personal engagement and interactions. Visibility is the opportunity in which the business or person representing the business interacts to present the company and services.

Most businesses invest in visibility and have lots of frustration and little results because they are focusing on what the client wants and is asking for, but hasn’t come into an interaction with the companies core values, why and interaction with client’s core values and why. When the visibility is grounded on the inner why of the organization and it is serving people who are intending to have their why, there is a harmonic rhythm in the visibility and the interaction.

Investing in a visibility analysis and alignment of core values and structures is of vital importance to the organization to remain in alignment and in service and to achieve contribution.


When an organization has created and built a village, a foundational structure of principles, it is bringing a village together focused around the why of the organization.  This is better than creating a loyalty-based program that only focuses on repetitions and rewards. Instead, it is creating valuable solutions that are feeding the inner why of the organization, and the why of customers is aligned with the company's why.

What most organizations forget is that there is an inner village as well as an outer one. The inner village starts with the CEO or entrepreneur and their employees. The nurturer of the why and vision of the organization is the one in which the idea was given, yet as the why spreads out toward other team members, it interacts with others as well. In these interactions, it is critical for the why to be alive through the actual living of the why. It is lived internally and then it is transferred to the people the organization serves through its products and services.


Victory is when the organization comes back to the original why, its values and therefore comes to a place of wholeness and alignment. It is when the organization grows and reestablishes its why and values and realigns. Alignment creates stability for the organization, as well as steady growth and contribution. This is the foundational principle of a Transformative Power® organization. The organization becomes a service leader within its industry of operation as a natural progression of living its why. Customers feel at ease in an organization with core principles and contribution, since it is a company in which they can put their trust, loyalty, an organization that reflects its authentic values.

Few organizations arrive at the victory stage, because of the natural ways of the leaders of the organization to put short-term gains ahead of long-term gains. This thinking leads them toward being reactive based on environmental landscapes or poor leadership management structures. Slowly, the organization loses its authenticity, alignment and wholeness. Even in an entrepreneurial organization of one person, there are external conditions that guide business leaders to make different choices out of their why.

Striving for victory that is true contribution is one of the key aspects that keeps an organization alive, engaged and flowing.