Virginia Nava Hieger  Welcome to Transformative Power. You are in the right place.

I am Virginia Nava Hieger and I am your transformative guide. My philosophy is that we all have an inner power within us that connect us to the magic within us, the one that brings authenticity and in which our own greatness lies. This program is designed to give you the tools that you need in order to create a life of meaningful freedom.

Transformative Power is for people who are ready to move into the new wave of life, ready to become more authentic human beings by reconnecting with themselves and going back to a state of wholeness. The fast-paced world around us sometimes interferes with our abilities to remain closer to our spirit or mission. Life is always opening doors opportunities, or giving us turns that will help us reconnect with our life's unique gift and purpose.

The first step is making a decision, and it is by far the most important step. By making a decision for living a life of wholeness and taking self-responsibility, we create our lives by the choices that we make every day. My hope is that this personal transformative guide will refresh your life and reconnect you with your inner power.

Virginia Nava Hieger