Gratitude: Transformers Inspiring Others

I dedicate this page to women who have touched my life and inspired me to seek more than freedom, to seek meaning in life and help others make meaning and look for ways to make meaning in my own life. There are a variety of women; some are coaches, some are business owners, some are activists:

Sunday Larson

I met her when I decided that I wanted to create a business to help other people transform themselves. She is a wise woman; I admire her authenticity, the way that she speaks the truth, and believes in women's potential and enormous possibilities. She is a source of inspiration and inner power and she has an ability to be courageous, to be herself, while not being too serious about herself. She is a professional coach and author of wonderful books, including "The Secret of the Missing Crown."

Vicki Moore, CEO / Rahab's Rope

“She changed my life. I met her one day when I decided I would like to have more meaning in my life, especially in what I do every day. I met her that same day and she told me her story. Her story of how she created Rahab’s Rope began when she saw a film documentary that detailed how 200 girls were trafficked in India every day and she decided to do something. She was a stay-at-home mom at that time and decided she had skills she could transfer to these girls, to give them the opportunities they did not have as children. She made me realize that life is about doing, commitment, and action, not just about thought.

Anita Roddick

Dame Anita Roddick, DBE was a British businesswoman, human rights activist and environmental campaigner, best known as the founder of The Body Shop, a cosmetics company producing and retailing beauty products that shaped ethical consumerism. [Wikipedia]

Born: October 23, 1942 / Died: September 10, 2007

“She changed my outlook of what marketing is about. She summarized it really well in her book “Take It Personally” and in the story of “Business as Unusual.”  She opened my perspective that marketing is beyond selling a brand; rather, it is about activism and making a difference through communications as a way to change the world. After I met her in person, while in a conference as a graduate student doing my MBA in Illinois, she changed my view of what was possible in my career."

There are other people that inspire me:

Sonia Choquette

I read her books at 15 and continue to read her books even now, later in life. She is insightful and helps you reconnect with the capabilities of your human spirit. My favorite of all her books is "The Answer is Simple."

Eric Maisel

I love Eric's perspective of life! His philosophy on how to make meaning everyday, and his ways of encouraging people to get closer to this in very practical ways. I am amazed by the fact that he was in the military, and how he uses his learnings as part of the boot camps he has created to help people live in purpose.

Love his teachings.


Her light and authenticity shines as a way of self-expression.  She goes beyond her business and personal success to the transference of meaning to others.

Brad Hieger

My husband has a practice focused on living life forward and believes in the capacity of people to create their full life potential. Here are some articles that may help contribute to your life.