Transformative Power®

Why did I create this program?

I am creating a platform for GIFTs, where I am sharing all my divine inspirations and writings. I go to meetings all the time to help businesses, and as I was going over all my writings and classes, I realized I have all these business models that I have created to help people solve what traditional business school isn’t resolving for them. I looked around, and saw people who are still struggling in saying who they are, what they do. They are wanting to serve more people and contribute, and not knowing how. My heart sunk...and then I realized that I could serve them with my models.

I have decided to make them accessible because I want people who are bringing about a healthier society to succeed. I want to help people who are teaching others what spirit love is, bringing us new ways of transforming the way we see the world. I want the new generations of businesses with foundations in wholeness, love and joy and in alignment to have the tools they need to grow and contribute to the world, and to know that I am part of their contribution.

I love innovators, creators, spiritual teachers, and visionaries. I am grateful for you, for your courage to create a new world for me and my loved ones. May your vision, your GIFT come to life!