A Deeper Look

Do you really have a visibility problem? Or is it a symptom of your overall strategy?

We have a tendency to consult and to identify problems too quickly. I have noticed, particularly in sales conversations, people may too quickly give me a perspective of what I need. Or the opposite happens, and they give me no direction at all. But after speaking to many entrepreneurs during the last six years, a light bulb came on for me. It’s not always about messaging, or how many social media posts or events you’re attending. A lot of times, there are deeper issues at work, and they are worth a closer look. Going to the outer activities such as marketing, sales or message is easy because it’s more tangible; things like building a website or creating a social media post. But going deeper is always worth the extra effort.

Take a closer look:

-Is it really all about frequency? Is social media really the answer, or is it a PR problem? Is it a business-to-business strategic problem that is being confused with a business-to-consumer solution?

-Is it a confidence problem? Is it a value-based exchange? Or is it that you don’t know your audience well enough? Is it a delivery issue?

Next time your visibility activities aren’t yielding the results you are looking for, look deeper, look within. Take a look from the inside out.

Strategy Quiz

Are you thinking like a strategist?

-Are your strategic questions focused on resolving a problem?

-Are your strategic questions focused on creating an opportunity?

-Are you building a market?

-Are you finding a market?

-Do you know your value before the conversation?

-Do you know your audience before the conversation?

-Is your strategy focused on your problem for the next four weeks, or focused on building a legacy for the next 100 years?

-Is it sustainable and attainable?

-Can you do it?

-If you can’t do it, who can?



Visibility Problem or Strategic Symptom?